Mark Birnbaum

Mark Birnbaum began his career in Nightlife and Special Events as a promotions director in Ithica, New York in 1998. And in 1998, Mark launched and managed his first nightclub, a 22,000 sq. ft. megaspace in Ithica, New York.

In 2002, Mark Birnbaum formed the Nightlife consulting company Operative Ince., to open Lobby, a chic midtown Manhattan nightclub. Lobby's launch in 2003 was among the most successful in nightlife history.

In 2004, Mark Birnbaum began overseeing the marketing, public relations, promotions, and events for AER Lounge. Soon after, AER was named by Condenast Traveler, as one of the top picks for nightclubs in the world, and number one in Manhattan.

Today, in addition to owning and operating New York's most exclusive nightclub, TENJUNE,Mark Birnbaum and partner Eugene Remm manage the EMM Group, an Events and marketing company that has been responsible for many of the country's most upscale, and star studded events. Successful EMM Group events have taken place in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Park City, and Chicago.

Partner Eugene