Ester Ovcharenko - Plant Based Chef

Company Overview

Ester Ovcharenko is a culinary trained Plant Based Chef & Holistic Health Coach who assists clients in their wellness goals by preparing nutrient dense dishes that nourish the body and the soul. Her passion for disease prevention and achieving optimal nutrition orchestrates the cooking, using anti inflammatory super-foods to enhance the benefits and support in detoxification and cleansing. Her upbringing between Eastern Europe and the Caribbean allowed her to develop a fine taste for the culinary arts and become a connoisseur in a wide range of exotic plants, herbs and spices that are common ingredients in the pantry. 

While graduating from Matthew Kenney Culinary and The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, she uses a comprehensive and individualized approach on diet and nutrition, sharing her passion and helping clients transitioning to a plant-based diet while feeling vibrant and energized. Using high-quality, organic and fresh ingredients in the creation of her meals - she ultimately provides personalized menus and wholesome cooked meals for clients in the comfort of their homes. Some of her specialty dishes include Creamed Avocado Zucchini Noodles, Quinoa & Mushroom Risotto and a variety of vegan desserts such as Cashew Butter Cookies, Hazelnut Coconut Fudge and Cacao Truffles.

Benefit Overview

All Four Hundred Members will receive a complementary health coaching session and $100 off towards a Plant Based Private Chef experience by Ester. A three course meal will take place at the comfort of your home, using high-quality, organic and fresh ingredients that reflect your flavor profile and dietary preferences. 

Your pantry and kitchen will be stocked with foods containing the highest level of nutrients, making your wellness journey as easy and seamless as possible. In an initial health coaching consultation, we will discuss your dietary goals and concerns to develop a plant based menu tailored to your needs. Weather you’re gluten free, sugar free, Keto or just experimenting with cutting animal protein from your diet, Ester will present you with vibrant home cooked meals to support your optimal health and wellbeing.  

Benefit Redemption

To redeem this benefit please email and enter FOURHUNDRED MEMBER in the subject line. 

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