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Company Overview

For busy families living beautiful, travel-filled lives, there’s never enough time to organize, edit and look back on the thousands of pictures and video that the family has captured during their adventures together. 

That’s where Smitten Films comes in. Smitten Films creates custom family films from the videos and photos trapped on clients' smartphones. Now, there's an easy way for busy families to commission a beautifully edited custom film from disorganized or forgotten footage.

Benefit Overview

Smitten Films is partnering with Four Hundred to bring a personalized digital media organization service and bespoke family film package to you.

What’s included:

  • Two in-home visits to learn about the family’s needs and preferences, set goals, review archives, and safely transfer accumulated footage. The first 1 hour introductory visit will be with CEO and founder Lisa Ridd, where together Lisa and the client will plan out objectives and identify the sources of footage. The subsequent follow-up visit (when media transfer will take place) will be with one of Smitten’s editors and last up to 6 hours.

  • Smitten’s team of editors will review and curate your footage (up to 2500 pictures and 240 minutes of video).

  • From the best video clips and images, Smitten will create an annual highlight film of the last year, as well as a shorter social media-shareable version.  (A draft version of your film will first be presented to the client family for review. Clients will have the opportunity to go through two rounds of edits with Smitten editors.)

  • This film will be delivered in DVD and digital form. The DVD version comes in Smitten’s high-end, gift-ready packaging.

  • Smitten will also create a custom, private, personalized online “family theater" for families to view and share their film.

  • All clients will be invited to remain members of Smitten’s monthly footage transfer program for future organization and maintenance of their photos and videos. Additional films can be commissioned using this footage. (Additional films subject to additional cost. Smitten also makes films for occasions such as family reunions, anniversaries, birthdays, travel / adventures and other life events.)

  • Price: $3,500 for all organizational services and keepsake family film in gift packagin

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