Joyful Approach

Company Overview

Joy Dushey is a New York based holistic lifestyle coach and Breathwork facilitator. She specializes in inspiring people of all ages to start living optimal vital lives by nurturing the balance of mind body and spirit. At the age of 29 Joy faced the biggest adversity of her life when she suffered an ischemic stroke that ultimately led to a most profound transformation embarking on a Holistic Path. Through Holistic education and her life experiences she formulated The Joyful Approach lifestyle system and a platform for inspiring positive impact.  

Benefit Overview

Four Hundred Members receive their first session with Joy complimentary.

Each session provides a safe place for you to first explore the area’s in your life that feel challenged. You will begin to unravel layer by layer what’s disrupted the flow of your life and what’s inhibited the emotions you most want to feel. Joy offers guidance for transformation from feelings of stuck and struggle to ease and freedom, from feeling stagnant to feeling alive and joyful, from self doubt to confident and empowered.  You’ll then utilize Breathwork as the potent vehicle to uncover the unconscious material storing old limiting beliefs, destructive patterns and stories, and any blocked emotions that inhibit moving forward with freedom, clarity and emotions of love and joy. 

Benefit Redemption

To redeem this benefit please reach out to to be connected with Joy.

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