Four Hundred is at your service to support your lifestyle needs and to assist with helping you experience and access the best hospitality experiences.Our memberships permit bookings for spouses, but not for children, friends, or colleagues. If you are interested in obtaining reservations for others, you have the option to consider a family or corporate membership.



Reservations are obtained through work with management at restaurants worldwide. Our team has and continues to build relationships to obtain access and to ensure our members always are set up with the best dining experience based on the occasion. As you may have experienced, there are occasions where obtaining a table goes beyond factors that we can control. We do not guarantee you will receive every reservation you ask for, but we will always elevate to top management and stop at nothing throughout the process. Should things not work out, you will always be set up with an alternative.

Reservations made through Four Hundred must be personally attended. If you are not attending, you will need to submit a formal non-member request, which is subject to approval by our team. If a restaurant contact informs us that a member was not in attendance, we will present members with a formal warning, followed by membership review.

In making a reservation with Four Hundred, you agree to honor the reservation by arriving on time with the agreed upon party size. If you do not arrive within 15 minutes of your reservation and do not notify our team, the restaurant has the right to revoke your reservation.



We understand the nature of scheduling and last minute circumstances. We kindly ask that you cancel all reservations directly through us. Multiple cancellations – warning, termination?

No Shows

If you no show a reservation, you will receive a warning from our team. If it happens more than once, Four Hundred reserves the right to terminate or suspend your membership.


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