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Expanding Your

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The Standards

Four Hundred is an intimate, membership-based community consisting of innovators, visionaries, and pioneers of industry. We focus on enhancing our members’ lives through a holistic and high-touch approach to service.

The way we operate is simple. We work tirelessly to develop an understanding of our members’ lifestyle preferences and needs and strategically collaborate to help them fulfill their short and long term goals.

We work each and every day to spread our global footprint across the world of hospitality to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to our members that inspire, challenge and expand the realm of possibilities.

The benefits of membership are infinite.



Serving Your
Every Taste

We treat every interaction as an opportunity to learn from our members, and use that information to shape the dining experiences we provide. Our deep-rooted knowledge of the dining industry, coupled with our established network amongst key players around the world, allows us to offer our clients access to the most sought-after, memorable and timeless dining experiences for any occasion.

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Go As Far As
Your Imagination

Four Hundred Travel is a full service, Virtuoso-accredited travel platform, engineered by a passionate team of travel advisors that believe in the journey, not just the destination.

Members benefit from our insight into the best travel experiences worldwide, our global network of trusted industry contacts, and our ability to plan and execute every trip to perfection.



Create Your
Own Path

Our members receive unparalleled access to experiences around the globe and benefit from our trusted partners that open the doors to bespoke experiences and events. Tailored to individual interests and passions, members receive proactive and personalized recommendations detailing upcoming events, concerts, shows, exhibits, festivals and more.



The Art Of

Whether it’s personal or professional, our dedicated team of resourceful and solution-oriented thinkers are wizards when it comes to solving lifestyle needs. We believe in balance and dedicate our every effort to ensure our members have access to transformational wellness and lifestyle professionals to help them achieve harmony of the mind, body and soul.